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Transforming Lives of First Responders, Helping them to Find Strength, Hope and Healing!

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Placer Reset an inspiring initiative by The Forgotten Solder Program, dedicated to the well-being of our First Responders. If you or someone you know is in search of a supportive community that understands the unique challenges faced by those on the front lines, Placer Reset offers a beacon of hope. 

“Step into your journey of healing
With tailored support: Specialized programs addressing PTSD/PTSI, addiction, and mental health challenges.
 Services and retreats provided to First Responders and their family members at no cost thanks to generous donations and grants. 

Dive into a world where confidential, healing begins and resilience thrives. 




The first time I walked into the lobby, I instantly felt safe. I had no idea what to expect, as a first responder peer told me to come to see Donna. He said to come with an open mind and that's all he told me. Once I met Donna, I was met with this light filled sprite of a women, whom I felt very comfortable with. I was a mess when I walked into that room, but I knew I was going to receive help Since that first day, I have begun my road to recovery. Recovering from deep trauma, heartache, and loss. 


 Alicia- First Responder



 Donna Arz is a great resource for Veterans and First Responders in Placer County. Having been in public safety for over 15 years as a EMT and now in law enforcement she has helped me process the trauma I have experienced and has helped me be a better father and husband by understanding what I am going through better.

My wife has been in law enforcement for over a decade and has had multiple traumatic jobs prior to law enforcement. Donna has helped her process trauma and I feel like Donna has helped take a weight off my of wife’s shoulders.

Donna has made a remarkable change in our relationship and our family.



As a first responder, I’ve learned through personal experience, that mental health struggles and the path to overcoming them can be different for many.  In the past, I’ve spent long emotionally heavy sessions going through EMDR to overcome PTSI.  During that time, I learned my overall mental health was something that would ebb and flow over the years.  Some good days and some more difficult ones.  I was referred to Donna by someone who told me she had a different approach than what I was used to.  A different tool in the toolbox so to speak.  I met her with an open mind and can honestly say I’ve never felt better.  I feel physically lighter and healthier on a regular basis and after each visit, I can feel a physical difference within me.  I’ve since referred countless co-workers to her and have received an overwhelmingly positive response.  Donna is a vital resource for the first responders and military members in our community. Thank you Donna and please, keep up the good work. 



To whom it may concern,
I am a Correctional Officer employed by Placer County. I was put in touch with Donna Arz through the Placer Reset Program. I have been receiving treatment from Donna for the past several months. Prior to starting treatment, I was suffering with crippling work-related anxiety/PTSD and debilitating depression. I no longer felt good about what I did for a living and my role and a wife and mother was suffering as a result. Since I started work with Donna, my anxiety and PTSD symptoms have almost completely disappeared and I know longer suffer symptoms of depression. I feel better equipped to do my job and my home life has improved dramatically. I feel like myself again. I have tried traditional talk therapy several times in the past with no success. This program is a life saver!




Placer Reset: A Beacon of Hope for First Responders

Welcome to Placer Reset, an extension of the Auburn-based Forgotten Soldier Program, specifically designed to provide unwavering support for the well-being of our first responders. Our mission is to create a sanctuary and offer comprehensive support to those who selflessly serve our communities.

Embarking on Our Journey: Placer Reset originated from a simple yet profound encounter with Veda, a retired Air Force veteran and medic, who walked through our doors. His journey, marked by struggles with PTSD, injuries, and addiction, mirrors that of many first responders silently carrying the weight of their service.

Expanding Our Reach: Recognizing the shared challenges of veterans and first responders, our founder, Donna Arz, envisioned Placer Reset. This initiative addresses the unique hurdles faced by first responders, providing them with a space where their stories are heard, and their healing journey is actively supported.

Stories of Transformation: Witnessing the transformation of individuals like Jeremy, a retired police officer, who emerged from the shadows of PTSD to find a new direction for his life, exemplifies the profound impact of Placer Reset. Their stories of rediscovery and resilience serve as inspiration for our mission.

A Comprehensive Approach to Recovery:  Our approach is holistic, integrating therapy, community support, and wellness activities such as peer to peer outdoor retreat support. We believe in nurturing both mental and physical health, paving the way for lasting change.

Extending a Helping Hand: Our dedicated team, of board members and advisory board members are  deeply committed to suicide prevention and expanding our support network. With the generous backing of our community, including substantial grants and donations, we are poised to elevate our impact even further.

Join Us in Making a Difference: At Placer Reset, we are more than just a program; we are a supportive family, offering hope and a path to recovery for those who have always been there for us.

Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of our first responders.

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